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If you are interested in buying electronic stuff and keep looking for good deals, here are three sites which I normally follow

* “Hot Deals Club”:http://hotdealsclub.com/
* “Tech Bargains”:http://www.techbargains.com/
* “Bens Bargains”:http://www.bensbargains.net/

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Why I use Firebird

“Prasenjeet”:http://chaoszone.blogspot.com/2003_08_01_chaoszone_archive.html#106070718197986260 says that “Google Toolbar”:http://toolbar.google.com/popup_help-beta.html now offers popup blocking ability, so he finds himself using less and less of “Mozilla Firebird”:http://texturizer.net/firebird/index.html. But I am still sticking to Firebird. Read this article by Ben Goodger which explains “Why You Should Switch to the Mozilla Firebird browser”:http://www.mozilla.org/products/firebird/why/

I am addicted to Tab-Browsing. You can also bookmark a set of tabs. So I have tabs with India related news sites, US related news sites, finance news etc.

Google search is integrated into the browser. So I don’t need a Google Toolbar. Besides this there are features like “Smart Keywords”, where by I can give a nickname to a bookmark. This enables me to type “newshopper” to take me to “Sulekha Newshopper”:http://www.sulekha.com/hopper.asp. To search something in a page, all you need is keep typing the string and the search is performed on the page. No more Ctrl-F required.

Now besides this, the weblog reader I use, “NewsMonster”:http://www.newsmonster.org/screenshots.html, runs under Mozilla as a sidebar.

Till IE has all these capabilities, I think I will use Firebird.

Update: Dan Gillmor has a column on “RSS Aggregators”:http://weblog.siliconvalley.com/column/dangillmor/archives/001285.shtml

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Linux on the desktop

In May, the city of Munich decided to switch to Linux from Windows. Microsoft had agreed to upgrade for $23.7 million and the Linux deal was worth $35.7 million. Still why they decided to go with Linux for their desktop machines ? “USA Today”:http://www.usatoday.com/usatonline/20030714/5320229s.htm has an behind the scenes look at what went on.

bq. Though Microsoft underbid IBM and SuSE by $11.9 million in Munich, city officials were concerned about the unpredictable long-run cost of Microsoft upgrades, says Munich council member Christine Strobl, who championed the switch to Linux. And the more Microsoft discounted, the more it underscored the notion that as a sole supplier, Microsoft could — and has been — naming its own price, she says.

bq. ”What’s striking about the Munich deal is the use of Linux on the desktop,” says Paul DeGroot, tech industry analyst at research firm Directions on Microsoft. ”It’s a threat to Microsoft’s real source of strength, the desktop, where it has no competition and is used to winning all sorts of battles.”

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