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From Kerala

While boarding the British Airways flight to Chennai from LAX, I tried to tell the woman at the check-in counter, that my surname was Nair. I said that a few times. I told her I knew Elizabeth (Hurley). I have seen Austin Powers a dozen times. Still they did not upgrade me to First class.

The tamil actor Vijaykanth was in First Class. I am sure he got that by telling his surname was Nair.

The monsoon has not yet arrived here in Kerala. There were some pre-monsoon showers. Still June 1 is the expected date.

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British Airways

“Liz Hurley, Nayar have another spat in the skies”:http://headlines.sify.com/2089news4.html?headline=Liz~Hurley,~Nayar~have~another~spat~in~the~skies

bq. Elizabeth Hurley has done it again. Just when the British Airways staff was recovering from her outrageous demands of upgrading her boyfriend to first class on her way to Barbados last week, she has once again thrown a tantrum while returning to London. Demanding an upgrade for her Indian boyfriend Arun Nayer this time too, 37-year-old Liz went one step further.

This time I am going to India on British Airways. But fortunately I am not travelling in first class due to some personal reasons (no money). But I hope, now as official policy British Airways must be upgrading everyone who has a surname Nayar/Nair to first class.

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Writing Style Sheets

Today I discovered an easy way to write style sheets. This for people like me, who do not know HTML, CSS etc. This technique has been around for thousands of years. It is called stealing. Looking at many CSS files, I have successfully created a new one. No more images on the side bar. I am going to stick to text for a while. Next item in the TODO list is to create an outrageous banner which will be done when I find some more time to idle and nice tutorial to follow.

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Last week it was “Dave Barry”:http://varnam.nationalinterest.in/archives/000073.html. This week I met “Yanni”:http://www.yanni.com/ at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Bowl is no Taj Mahal, Forbidden City or Acropolis, but the music was out of the world. The energy in his music is so high and has a grand majestic feeling to it. If he is playing near your area, don’t miss it.

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Rock Bottom Reminders

This weekend I met “Dave Barry”:http://davebarry.blogspot.com/, Scott Turrow,Amy Tan, Matt Groening and many other people who made a career using the written word.

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