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Daddy, why can't we go to Kashmir?

And the world seems to behave as if nothing has happened. 400,000+ people have been ethnically cleansed from their places of birth. 700,000+ people have been made homeless. A whole community has been forced to live like refugees in their own country. And when this community asks for its rightful rights, nobody cares. I guess, in the bigger scheme of things, 700,000 people in a world population of more than 6 billion people does not deserve enough attention.

The reason why this incident is not mentioned anywhere is because these refugees are Hindus who have been ethnically cleansed by Pakistani Islamic Terrorists. When about 1000 muslims were butchered in Gujarat the so called secularists and communists in India went around the world creating an impression as if India kills minorities. When it comes to the issue of Kashmiri Hindus, none of these secularists have anything to say.

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Speaking in Sanskrit

The professor is one of the many residents in Ganoda village who are confident that they can carry on an entire conversation in Sanskrit without a problem. The grocery shop owner claims he can rattle off shlokas in Sanskrit while in the adjoining utensil store, the owner informs that he helps his children with their language homework.

When Israel became a nation, they revived their language Hebrew. When India became a nation, we killed Sanskrit.

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