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Moral Police in AMU

While many species are becoming endangered, one tribe that is increasing in population is the Moral Police in India. In case you have not heard, they will tell you what you can speak and what you cannot. You need their permission to hold your wife’s hands or to express your love. Now they are dictating what dresses women can wear.

Wearing a T-shirt can be dangerous as a girl student of the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University realised last week. For daring to wear what she wants to, Najma (name changed) is being threatened by fellow students who claim the sole right to interpret what is moral in Islam.

She has been told to replace the T-shirt with kurta and dupatta and to stop her campaign for an effective mechanism in the university to address complaints of sexual harassment.

AMU’s moral police have also found fault with Najma’s practice of sharing meals with boys at canteens. ‘‘Girls are not expected to be seen in public places,’’ she has been told. Najma defied such instructions and she and a group of students formed a cultural group, Saada, and raised issues related to gender[AMU moral cops target girl for wearing T-shirt on campus]

The folks has been harassing the lady in AMU, which I guess is perfectly legal in the moral police code of conduct.

2 Responses to Moral Police in AMU

  1. Sandeep February 19, 2006 at 11:11 pm #


    How come this never gets reported in the mainstream media biggies?

  2. Hiren February 22, 2006 at 1:49 am #

    Even the Shiv Sena becomes active now and again. Wonder what is the permanant solution to such things.

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